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Smoking Oven
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Smoking Oven

smoke oven
  • ZXL-500
  • 8438500000

Smokehouse oven ZXL-500

*Touch screen and PLC-control display and control the operation data .

Up to 100 formulas can be stored .

*Password for operators can be set up.The process and malfunction data

Can be recorded ,Up to customers’ requirements, the specialized module

can be connected to realize remote monitoring, recording ,data and graph prin

ting (selectable )

*Its main functions include cooking ,gradient cooking ,reddening ,drying,

moist drying,baking,smoking and cleaning .

*Specialized airflow technology promises well-controlled even airflow in

the smoking&cooking house .Slow or quick air circulation program can be cho

sen up to customers’ requirements to reach the optimized effects

of air circulation and smoke generation .

*Cooking and Delta Cooking with timing control and temperature control optim

ized the operation procedurd and avoid energy consumption.

*The advanced smoke generating system realizes well-proportioned color coa

ting.The monitoring and adjusting of smoke temperature maintains suitable te

mperature and supplies safe processing condition.

*Moisture ,temperature and exhausting can be con trolled in the course

Of drying ,baking and smoking.

Model ZXL-500

Capacity (kg) 500

Power(KW) 7.5

HP Steam (Mpa) 0.4~0.6

LP Steam (Mpa) 0.25~0.28

HP Temperature(°C) 380

LP Temperature(°C) 110

Water Pressure (MPa) 0.2

Trolley Size (mm) 1000*980*1880

External Dimension(mm) 1680*2165*3280

Weight (Kg) 2500



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