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Dry Icer Maker
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Dry Icer Maker

Granular dry ice making machine/
  • ESBM-200
  • 8419899090

Product Name: ESBM-200 Granule Dry Ice Making Machine

Technical Parameters:

1. Model ESBM-200

2. Raw material Liquid CO2 (cold storage tank; water content less than 300ppm)

3. Dry ice production 180-200 kg / h

4. Dry ice yield ≥ 40% (can produce no less than 400kg dry ice per 1000kg of liquid carbon dioxide)

5. Dry ice size Φ3mm, Φ16mm

6. Dry ice density >1.5g/cm3

7. Motor power 7.5 kw three-phase 380V 50Hz

8. Hydraulic oil capacity 120 L

9. Machine weight 580kg

10. Dimensions 1200*850*1480mm (length * width * height)


1. The whole machine is exquisite in design and reasonable in layout, covering only 1/2 of the peers.

2. Adopting CPU automatic control system, the hydraulic system is advanced in design, the components are imported, and the reliability is high.

3. The product has added a device that can adapt to the unqualified carbon dioxide in the process design, and can still operate normally when the water is seriously exceeded.

4. Our patented technology uses the residual air of dry ice to cool the hydraulic oil tank. It does not need additional cooling water to extend the life. The fuel tank is small (only 120L, the counterpart model needs more than 280L, the oil change cost is too high), and the oil The temperature is maintained at around 40-50 ° C.

5, the replacement of different molds can produce different specifications of dry ice particles.


1. Produce high-density dry ice for dry ice cleaning.

2. It can also produce dry icicles for cold storage and cooling.

3, the production of granular dry ice for tire production enterprises, precision casting, printing companies, engine maintenance and other enterprises to do dry ice blast cleaning materials, can also be used for refrigerated transport, catering and entertainment industry to do the cloud effect.



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